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90|Battlefield 2 Non Ranked, 65|Call of Duty, 64|Call of Duty 2, 17|Call of Duty 4, 96|Counter-Strike Global Offensive, 2|Counterstrike Source, 84|CSPromod, 23|Day of Defeat Source, 68|Garry's Mod, 57|Half Life, 58|Half Life - Condition Zero, 4|Half Life - Counterstrike 1.6, 59|Half Life - Day of Defeat, 60|Half Life - Deathmatch Classic, 61|Half Life - Ricochet, 62|Half Life - Team Fortress Classic, 63|Half Life 2 Deathmatch, 71|HalfLife TV, 69|Killing Floor, 85|Left4Dead, 86|Left4Dead2, 10|Minecraft, 95|Multi Theft Auto, 20|Murmur/Mumble, 100|Natural Selection 2, 47|San Andreas Multiplayer, 15|Team Fortress 2, 92|The Ship, 72|Unreal Tournament 2004, 75|Unreal Tournament 3, 88|Urban Terror, 8|Ventrilo 2 Free, 6|Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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